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Why Pay "Tiffany" Prices

Lewanda Marine Inc. is a professional repair facility, specializing in fiberglass yacht repair. We offer a wide range of repairs to your yacht, big or small.

  • We also can make custom parts for your boat, such as rudders, centerboards, keels,tillers, and various carpentry and /or fiberglass parts.

  • In our modern repair facility and we can custom spray paint your yacht (up to a 36ft).
  • We use all the latest high-tech materials, such as carbon-fiber, kevlar, various weaves of fiberglass, epoxies, vinyl-esters, high-tech paints, and gelcoats.
  • And employ modern techniques, like vacuum-bagged glass layups or infusion layups.
  • If your yacht (motor or sail), needs structural modifications, we will work with your naval architect, to modify your boat to exacting specifications.

We at Lewanda Marine Inc. have 22 years of yacht repair experience, to make you a "Happy Customer" with professional results, at a REASONABLE PRICE.

E-mail: neal@lewandamarine.com
Telephone:  (978)525-2700 Fax: 978) 525-2701