Our facility at Lewanda Marine, Inc.  
A brand new facility, in Gloucester Mass,  is home to Lewanda  Marine Inc. It includes:

* spray area, with exhaust fans
* extra large bay doors
* large work area, with adequate lighting
* a modern three-phase compressor and
* sanders hooked up to a vacuum system, so very little dust gets into the shop and hence, not into custom spray paint work.

We also have a two-ton hoist to pickup your boat from its trailor, so we can more easily work on the bottom or keel if nessessary. Upstairs are two offices, and a common area lunch room.  Outside, an  impressive Titan heating unit forces filtered hot air into the spray area in the winter, so spray painting can continue year round!



Extra large bay doors

Filtered air and heating for dust-free
painting year round.

Modern work space

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Lewanda Marine Inc.,
Kettle Cove Industrial Park
19 Kettle Cove Lane, Unit C-1, Gloucester, MA 01930
978-525-2700 • neal@lewandamarine.com