Racing Enthusiast?

At Lewanda Marine Inc. we know what makes a boat go Fassst!

We know racers are very demanding,  as well they should be!  

The idea is to win! Right?  When your dealing in seconds, any kind of edge could be the difference.  That's where Lewanda Marine can make the difference for you.With  our experence building racing yachts, we can check your boat out, and recommend alterations (if needed), to make your boat faster.

From off shore yachts, to sailing dinghys, let us put our 22 years of experience to work for you!

One common modification could be to correct a poorly designed keel or rudder. In these cases, we could modify the keel or build a new one, with the plans from a local naval architect. We can also modify or build you a new rudder.

Other go-fast modifications might include; Rudder and keel alignment. If not properly aligned, you will go fast in one direction and slow in the opposite direction. Perhaps the bottom is rippled, or  spongy. This can cause turbulance, and slower speeds.

Whatever the problem, Lewanda Marine can suggest a faster way to move through the water. We can meet the challenges of the racing class, with a professional approach, and superior results. Let us put our expertise to work for you.

spray painting  Rhodes-19 rudders
vacuum bagging a new leading edge.
sailing the Rhodes 19 class
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